4.0 INDUSTRY IN DENTAL AREA: the resistance to change

The term Industry 4.0 specifies the aptitude to the industrial automation which integrate the new productive technologies in order to improve the work conditions and raise the productivity.

For dental products and services this industry typology is already present in Italy from several years: this is underlined from the abroad exportations (many countries all around the world are requesting always more dental Italian products).

Our country is today one of the most important medical and dental devices production center: beginning from 2015, the entire industry is growing up to 4% for a total amount of 800 million euro (data from: www.doctoros.it/).

Thanks to the last digital technologies (that Yndetech always uses) the dental area is knowing its true revolution, that will take in the dental segment the new digital products, instead of the traditional ones.

The transition from a physical and manual approach to a digital one is slowly being implemented and all new software offer prothesis devices always more 3D; but this radical change meets its resistances.

Although this development, many dentists and prosthodontic don’t utilize at the moment innovative technological equipment or maybe do not make appropriate investments.

But what is the meaning? What behind this reticence?

Surely everything is new causes fear at the beginning: a lot of people doesn’t know the opportunities and the impact that this dental digitalization will bring to their work and they are afraid about all possible changes which these tools could represent.

It is estimated that within 10 years approximately 80% of dental products will be achieve in digital only (about only 30% is achieved in digital at the moment).

The digital innovation will bring the odontology to additive production systems which raise the efficiency in the materials use and the Cad-Cam technologies that will facilitate the images diagnostics world.


The potential market has huge proportions, the field is fertile now and it is ready to be cultivated.


Yndetech, addicted to digital

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