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Customization: the real heart of 3D printing

Historically born for prototyping purposes, Additive Manufacturing, formerly known as 3D printing, experiences now a urging trend towards the production of custom parts on demand, reversing the market with its infinitive possibility of complex geometries and incredible shapes, unachievable with traditional methods (if you wish to know more about the incredible history of this technology go to this link).

Think about the industries that are mostly affected from the benefits of 3D printing in terms of life-changing goals, medical and dental. Starting from a patient’s medical imaging data, such as a CT scan or an intraoral scan, you can create a 3D printed medical model used to diagnose an illness or even plan a surgery, making a more predictable procedure and reducing time and risks in the operating room.

But not just that, this data can be used to create customized, perfectly fitting implants responding to the patient’s needs both functionally and aesthetically and going beyond the countless limits of pre-fabricated implants. This is already happening in dentistry, where the efficiency and advancement of 3D printing can only continue to improve the quality and the speed of dental treatments, and it’s being developed day by day in prosthetics and in orthopedic surgery.

3D printing is in fact a key component of the digital restorative process, providing a bridge between the physical and the digital representation of patient data and integrating precision and customization with automation and industrialization.

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Now let’s widen our horizons: even when we talk about automotive, early adopter of 3D printing technologies, fashion or jewelry, consumer goods, food or pharmaceuticals, the key again is customization. The applications are truly limitless as custom-design knows no boundaries in the world of 3D printing.

The most recent rise of customization is tightly connected with the broad usage of e-commerce platforms nowadays. Personally tailored products will soon make the difference in manufacturing thanks to 3D printing and its freedom of design not even thinkable before.

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