IDS 2017: news and impressions

With over 2,200 exhibitors and around 139,000 visitors from all around the world, IDS (International Dental Show) proves again itself to be the most important event in the dental industry.

Every two years, IDS represents the place where innovations are born, grown and developed, a place and time where the whole dental market stops to reflect and redefine or confirm its own path, knowing that only through innovation and change we can achieve progress and improvement.

Yndetech has always adopted this philosophy and it is also why it is constantly on the move, ready to receive the stirring of the innovations on the market and always keen to create new ones. Therefore, we could not miss IDS 2017.

If we want to talk about innovation then the trend, even at IDS, is only one: the digital techniques and technologies.

The interest in 3D printing and digital, in fact, has not yet exhausted. Far from being a meteor or a fad, digital and 3D in dental, as in the other sectors concerned, increasingly shows its potential, not yet fully expressed. In fact, the research on materials and 3D technologies is growing ahead of the curve.

Of course, also the sectors linked to more traditional techniques have their own space at IDS 2017, but nothing compares with the strong call and efficiency of technologies of a future that is already present.

We, Yndetech, monitor all this and from a privileged position because, despite being a young and dynamic startup, we have clearly in mind the importance of the digital revolution and we deeply know the dental industry. We can in fact see the benefits that this incredible trend already draws and that will draw in the near future. With us the digital process becomes clear, simple and super-efficient.

Yndetech, addicted to digital

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