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Laser Melting, the secret ingredient in dental

The laser melting process is an additive technique belonging to the world of 3D printing and rapid prototyping, now capable of making metal objects, and therefore final, with full density, high geometric complexity and excellent mechanical properties.

Laser melting technology represents the evolution of the selective laser sintering process, developed and patented by Carl Deckard in the 1980’s at the University of Austin, Texas. The aim of the research was to manufacture metallic objects with mechanical properties comparable to those obtainable by traditional processes. (Want to know more? Click here)

Therefore laser melting is probably the most interesting innovation in the field of rapid manufacturing and 3D printing.

In the dental industry then laser melting represents not only digital innovation that is changing the way of approaching dental solutions but also a fast and full of benefits solution that facilitate dental work and improves its results.

Obviously, the entire process depends not only on the quality and composition of the powders used but also, and strongly, on the process parameters and the scanning strategy applied.

We at Yndetech pay great attention to these issues, both for reasons that concern the finest quality of the finished piece and the assistance we provide to our customers in the scanning phase.

In the download section of our site you will find the parameters to use according to the software you own. But not only, the fundamental parameters of our machines speak of a 50 W laser beam power, a laser spot of 60 μm and a layer thickness of 35 μm. In short, a quality that we like to define velvety to the touch and polished to the sight, allowing the laboratory a further processing facility and a successful result.

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Visit our page dedicated to laser melting and send us your dental structures to test our quality.

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