LASER MELTING YNDETECH: doubled production, same quality

Yndetech has always been synonymous with absolute quality standards and continuous optimization of production and service we offer to our customers. The company continues to grow and invest as it demonstrates the doubling of its production capacity thanks to two new dental laser melting machines.

The testing phase we have carried out directly in the company has finished in these days, and the goal was to achieve the same unmatched printing quality that our customer knows well and appreciates. If some of the many advantages that this technology makes possible are intrinsic, others have been studied and developed by Yndetech thanks to our technicians.

Among the most:

  1. As conceived in Yndetech, laser melting has a very high detail and a very compact and smooth surface that makes the next dental work simpler, faster and more effective;
  2. Ease removal of printing supports favors both timing and quality of the final job;
  3. Certified conformity of the used cobalt chromium powder guarantees great reliability of our service and full assistance;
  4. The minimal waste of materials, the production speed and the continuous test performed directly at Yndetech provide a very good price for a very good quality.

We are therefore proud to announce a service not only improved and optimized on a qualitative level, thanks also to the valuable feedback of our customers, but also doubled in terms of production to provide perfect dental prosthesis in a very short time.

Visit our page dedicated to laser melting and send us your dental structures to test our quality through our new login area.

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