Material Stable and opaque test based on polyurethane, for verification in the oral cavity various devices such as crowns, bridges, bars, etc. (White color)

traslucent monochrome pmma (ruthinium disc)

PMMA for the realization of long-lasting temporary crowns and bridges, available in colors: A1-A2-A3-A3.5-B1-B2-C2-C3. Offers a good resistance to abrasion and one good fluorescence. It has no porosity and is highly biocompatible

pmma breCAM.multiCOM Bredent

> 100 MPa (flexural strength)

Multi-layer PMMA available in the colors A1-A2-A3-A3.5-B2 of the VITA scale. Material particularly indicated for the realization of aesthetic provisional prostheses.

pmma breCAM.splint Bredent (castable)

> 80 MPa (flexural strength) > 2200 MPa (elastic module)

Plastic material of chemical derivation based on PMMA particularly indicated for make transparent rigid bites. Thanks to its castable properties and its stability it can be used to create test structures to be used in the oral cavity, to be able to then merge. pmma breCAM.splint Bredent (castable)

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