How the right milling center can help you live a better life

The CAD/CAM universe applied to dentistry is anything but new, many have already tested the advantages of the digital switchover. However, there are still some bastions of resistance for traditional methods whose motivations are based mainly on two issues: the economic investment in new technologies and the difficulty in leaving old habits behind and embracing change.

In fact, the revolution towards digital dentistry is already unstoppable and the dental technician that has not yet switched to digital should carefully analyze the consequences of a position so stuck with the past.

Dentists, also involved in the change of course, are the customers of a dental technician to whom they increasingly address requests that involve an update to the new agile and profitable technologies, and the technician cannot, for obvious reasons, fail these requests.

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To do so a dental technician not only must update his lab with new technologies, but also needs to rely on the right laser and milling center for dental purposes in order to avoid manufacturing errors and to obtain high quality at competitive costs.

Let’s see how the workflow is set if we use digital technologies:

  1. 3D or intraoral scanning
  2. CAD modeling and design (computer aided design)
  3. CAM manufacturing (computer aided manufacturing) through milling or laser melting in a qualified center
  4. Manual finalizing

Much therefore depends on choosing the right milling center, which at this point can change the technician’s, the dentist’s and finally the patient’s life. The definition and accuracy of the dental element produced, the certainty of a noticeably remarkable result determines simpler and faster end treatments and a final successful outcome.

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We Yndetech are able to offer a high-quality service at the right price, in essence, the holy grail of digital dentistry. Visit our page dedicated to services and if you want to use them right away you can register and upload your work here.

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