Think Additive: renovate your prosthodontic lab thanks to the dental 3D printer yndePRINTLCD

Have you ever thought if is worth in invest money on digital in order to renovate your prosthodontic lab through the 3D technologies?

In this article we try to give you all information to help you on this important and fundamental decision.

The 3D technologies, from the 3D scanner to the CAD design and the 3D dental printer, do not represent anymore the lab future but rather its present and not only due to the temporary leanings or maybe temporary innovations. These technologies sure enough are able to simplify and optimize the dental technician work making it faster and of high quality, reducing costs.

Therefore the investment is necessary.

As probably you already know, the digital process begin from the 3D scan (if you do not have a 3D scanner please visit this link or contact us at 07211795140 in order to discover our offers and reserve a demo) and the 3D model fulfillment beginning from the STL format element to be printed (CAD design).

When the STL file is ready, it could be printed on 3D and you can decide if produce the definitive element by an external printer service as ours (registering here on our reserved area you will be able to send your files and simply receiving your works after 2 days) or rather test your labor using a temporary element directly in your prosthodontic lab.

How can do this? Thanks to the dental 3D printer yndePRINTLCD, compact and versatile, excellent for the dental temporaries production.



Following some of its technical data:

Light source: LCD UV • Work area (x, y, z): 121 x 68 x 150 mm • Printing timing: 16 mm/h (@ 50 μm) • Dimensions (LxAxP): 210x210x450 mm • Weight: 8 Kg  • Electrical consumption: 180 W


Materials available in different colors:

Model resin

Castable resin

Biocompatible resin


Now you can trust in Yndetech, the digital partner that follow you from the scan to your dental element production.

Yndetech, addicted to digital

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