ynde.SCAN PRO the 3D dental scanner for your lab

The use of a 3D dental scanner in dental laboratories is now, in the market, a constant always growing, not to be underestimated. The evolution and development of digital tools that allow the acquisition of models and impressions in a simple and precise way has clearly increased the quality levels we were used to.

For this reason, choosing the products that improve the work of the dental technician has become a real need, to always remain excellent in the market. ynde.SCANPRO, Yndetech’s dental 3D scanner, is a great tool for neo-digital users and a powerful tool for experienced users. Thanks to direct positioning, even difficult to access areas can be acquired with great ease and precision.

The color is captured perfectly, in a sharp and precise way, and the data format reduces the memory requirement up to 80%. In addition, ynde.SCANPRO also has an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface and a new CMOS sensor. The speed and the convenience of scanning are really formidable for the optimization of the times: in fact, the scanning time of the scanner is 5 seconds with two scanning modes, Wizard and Pro. Combining also the extreme precision of the system, the result is truly unparalleled.

In short, crowns, bridges, abutments and other dental elements can be easily scanned and acquired with ynde.SCANPRO.

But it did not end here!

Yndetech’s 3D dental scanner also features numerous accessories including the Arti-Base to allow the scanner to accommodate any full-size articulator and capture the entire vestibular area of ​​the models, and the Split Cast adapters, compatible with Artex / Adesso – SAM- KaVo Protar – Quicksplit, with which the acquisitions of bite from the common articulator can be transferred to the software automatically and with less loss of precision.

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