A high performance 3D scanner of the second generation, developed for professional users with a sophisticated requirement profile

New high-performance industrial cameras with an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface and new CMOS sensor. The high data rate shortens the scan time by around 40%, and the transfer speed to the PC is increased significantly.

ynde.SCANPRO, together with ynde.CADPRO, ExoCad modeling software, is the best choice in terms of performance and quality.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: H: 385mm x W: 398mm x L: 387mm
Weight: 16kg
Scanning process: White stripe light with texture and colour recognition
Accuracy: approx. 5μm
Scan time: < 5 seconds per recording
2 scan modes: Wizard and Pro
2 USB cameras: USB 3.0 interface, e2y CMOS sensor
File output formats: STL, OBJ, OFF, PLY

To know more write us info@yndetech.com

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