Yndetech & Antlo: the official partnership

We are glad to announce to you an important goal, reached during the first days of this new year: Yndetech becomes an official partner of ANTLO, the national association for owner of dental labs.

ANTLO is currently present all over the Italian territory thanks to own local delegations, carrying out many formative and informative activities through conferences, seminars and conventions. ANTLO is moreover the only category association, free and independent.

We established our collaboration with ANTLO since last year and we are continuing to consolidate our relationship every day moving by common purposes: first of all, simplify and make more efficient the dental technician work.

We utilise tools as the promotion. the training, the professional exchanges, the analytical studies and the activities organization for the professional update in order to achieve all the objectives set.

We will be very proud to share with you all the events we will actively take part to all over Italy.

Following the first event, that you could not miss:

 “Esperienze a confronto”, speakers Mario Miceli, Mirko Aleotti and Salvatore Murano

february, 3

Risi, Santa Eufemia Lamezia (CZ),

from 8:30 to 13:00


Yndetech will be present, we are waiting for you!

Other events programs will be presented by our blog and on the website www.antlo.it


Yndetech & Antlo: a winning combination!

Stay connected.


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