Dentistry is becoming more and more digital and this fact poses new requirements to the entire sector. The traditional figure of the dental technician as a simple manual executor must be replaced with that of a technical assistant of the dentist. To succeed in this, laboratories should enhance their knowledge in different areas, including knowledge of materials, and rely on the best milling center and 3D printing with laser melting technologies for dental purposes. Digital technologies are indeed mandatory, as well as advantageous if you choose just the right manufacturer.


Maximum accuracy and definition together with a proper pricing policy, all seasoned with great reliability. In one word: Y N D E T E C H !

As Yndetech, in fact, we have an innovative service center that has no equal either in qualitative terms or prices.

Let’s start with the most important thing: quality

Laser Melting 3D printers of last generation able to ensure a finished and certificated product of excellent quality with unique characteristics:

– velvet effect (surface tolerance 35 µm)

– support system which preserves the 70% of the occlusal surface

Milling center specialized in the zirconium processing obtained with high technology machinery and in respect of the two key points that characterize our professional philosophy:

– highest accuracy in processing

– top-notch materials

And come to what more interest you: price!

You can download our price-list here

Click this link to benefit from it since this very moment, you will be taken to our registration form for our online upload service to 3D print or mill your dental elements.

And if you have any question or special requests, you can call us at +39 0721 1795140 or write to info@yndetech.com


YNDETECH, addicted to digital

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