Thanks to the best technology on the market, we provide a certified and biocompatible finished product, with excellent quality and unique characteristics:
– Velvet effect on the surface (surface finish: 35 µm)
– Support system which preserves 70% of the occlusal surface

Yndetech allows for improved productivity of a dental laboratory thanks to time savings, greater efficiency, and cost reduction.
By avoiding the use of traditional instrumentation, and its limits of accuracy, Yndetech can offer service and products
of high quality at the right price.


Laser Melting in Cobalt Chrome alloy: unrefined, refined and polished for single and circular crowns of excellent quality. We also produce aboutment, toronto and bars.


Laser Melting in titanium alloy for precise and accurate dental elements. Titanium unrefined in sandblasted with the supporting structure. Titanium refined without support structure.

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